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  1. Why can I access Visas online?
  2. How do I apply?
  3. Do you have a passport from an eligible country?
  4. What Visa categories can I access from this site?
  5. Do I need Visas for my children?
  6. Do I need to arrange my travel before applying for my Visa?
  7. I’ve arranged my Visa so what next?
  8. What is the service charge?
  9. Is the payment process secure?
  10. Is my personal information safe?
  11. What is HyperText Transport Protocol (HTTPS)?
  12. What can I do if I make a mistake in my application?
  13. What happens if my application is refused, unsuccessful or I already have a Visa?
  14. Does my Visa allow me to travel to New Zealand?
  15. I have a Visa eligible passport but I am in a country that is not a Visa eligible approved country, can I still apply?
  16. I am planning on travelling to Australia in about 4 months - should I apply for a Visa now?
  17. I am planning to visit Australia for more than three months, what should I do?
  18. I am in Australia on another visa so can I apply for one of your Visas to have a holiday here?
  19. Can I just have a One Way ticket for travel to Australia?
  20. I have not received my Official Australian Government Visa Notification or I need a copy of it, what should I do?
  21. My Visa was not on the system when I checked-in at my departure point to Australia?
  22. I have a criminal record but can I still apply for a Visa?
  23. Did you issue my Visa?
  24. Can I apply for a Long Validity Business visa over the Internet?
  25. Can I get answers to other general visa, tourism or immigration questions from this site?
  26. Who is DIAC?

If you require further information on other general matters including completing your online application, systems and technical information, please refer to our Help? section. Further information is also provided in the online application.

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