The following details how to apply for
your Australian holiday, tourist, visitor,
vacation & business travelling Visas.

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The Australian Government recommends you arrange your Visa before booking your trip to ensure approval has been granted to visit Australia.

It is not necessary to have a trip already booked or hold an airline or cruise ship ticket before being issued with a Visa. Provided you meet the simple application requirements, your Visa will be issued but if there is a minor problem, our professional team will work on your behalf to resolve it with the Australian Government.

To apply all you need is:

We will provide you:

Ensure you advise your travel agent, airline or cruise ship office you already have a Visa when booking your tickets. If your internet travel advisor, travel agent, airline or cruise ship office has not arranged or cannot arrange your Visa, you can apply for your Visa through this site but this should be done at least 24 hours before departure.

Your Visa will be emailed to you instantly or within 24 hrs, depending on time zones.


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